Integrate Payhere Payment Gateway

Payhere is the Sri Lanka’s All-in-one Payment Gateway provider in non bank category. It support following payment methods and they are continuously add more methods

And they have following option of payment types

1. Direct Sale

2. Recurring Billing – Eg: Subscriptions

3. Automated Charging – Eg: Uber, Pick me charging concept

Payhere have built ready made plugins for many platforms including Woocommers, Shoppify etc

Siyalude Business Solutions will help you to integrate payhere Payment Gateway to your web portal, Web application. Our speciality is we will integrate it to any platform regardless of the programming language. If payhere dont have the plugin for your platform or language we will help integrate it to your app.
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Calculate Payhere Commission

Calculate Payhere Commission

The Product Amount LKR
Payhere commission persentage %
Payhere fix amount LKR

PAYHERE Sri Lanka’s Most Affordable, Innovative & All-in-One Payment Gateway Service.

disclaimer : Above Payhere charges calculator is to help the Payhere merchants to calculate there product fees and payhere commission charges against there products. This is sole for benefit to all who uses Payhere services. Siyalude Business Solutions has no direct affiliation with PAYHERE. The above is made using there publicly available fees criteria.